Valentine’s Day

The days go pretty quickly with 4 small children.  And what seems like a small project can take a very long time with our age range.  This is where planning ahead comes in.  About 2 weeks before Valentine’s Day we start working on cards.  That way the crafts part can be spread over a day or two, the writing names on the cards part can be done another day, and the envelope addressing (which I mainly do still) can get squeezed in before mailing cards to out-of-town folks.  Hooray for repeating events in Reminders on my phone because motherhood has really destroyed my memory.

I think holidays like this are a great chance to connect with people.  We send cards to nieces, cousins, uncles, grandparents, friends, etc.  When you’re focussed on your own nuclear family for so many years, it can be easy to lose touch with other important people in your life.  And when traveling becomes more difficult and more expensive with kids, it’s easy to miss out on visits with family and friends.  But these relationships are important and must be nurtured.  Little gestures like a simple Valentine’s card can help keep you connected.  Who doesn’t appreciate an adorable homemade card with little kindergartener misspelled words?  We are not super craftsy but a quick trip to Michael’s to get heart-shaped paper, glitter glue paint, and some cute paper cut-outs does the trick.

And, of course, don’t forget to make a card for Dad!

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