Boys vs. Girls

My 6 year-old daughter had 2 friends over after school today.  The play date lasted over 2 hours and was a total breeze.  We had lunch, the girls played dress-up, they cleaned up their toys, then we easily loaded up the car to pick up my oldest from school.  My 3 year-old was having a play date with his grandfather so just the 1 year-old was around with the girls.  After hugs and cuteness toward him, the girls decided they wanted some alone time so he and I went outside and did some gardening.  We peeked in on the girls from time to time but basically they spent an hour playing alone nicely.  That’s three 6 year-old girls.

Now we’ve have plenty of play dates with three 6 year-old boys and more recently three 8 year-old boys.  Do they go so smoothly?  Almost never.  They usually involve beds being completely dismantled, play becoming too rough, rocks thrown around the yard, etc.  Boys will be boys.

There are certainly boys who gravitate more toward the calm side (and if you’ve got one of these guys, lucky you!) and girls who can be more rowdy, but gender stereotypes are often accurate.  So, when you’re hosting a play date and the boys are going insane, rest assured that’s the norm.  It’s unlikely your child is overly aggressive.  It’s unlikely they have ADHD.  It is likely they’re going to grow up to be very normal men.  For now, just try to enjoy the energy and provide redirection when needed to help them grow into those respectable young men.

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